JR N101 VZ90 Passivhaus Dr Frain Telford 1

Dr Simon Frain, Passivhaus Home Owner, Telford

Working with Passivhaus



Project manager

Matthew Garnett

Products Used

Enviroline External Venetian Blinds

Eliminate 120 External Roller Blinds

Somfy TaHomma Building Management System

Project Brief

Together with architect Brian Heeley, Dr. Simon Frain designed, specified and constructed a new build Passivhaus in Telford, Shropshire.


A rigorously energy efficient building, a Passivhaus requires extremely high levels of insulation, high performance windows with insulated frames, airtight building fabric and ‘thermal bridge free’ construction. Passivhaus isn’t simply a style, it’s a standard.


Acquiring Passivhaus accreditation is tough, so Simon and Brian needed a supplier who could provide carefully controlled temperature management and moderation. James Robertshaw’s advanced blind systems offer exactly that. In this case, three EnviroLine VZ90 Venetians and four Eliminate roller blinds were installed. The Venetian slats work in harmony with the movement of the sun to keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter, whilst admitting sufficient light all year round, ensuring the rooms are always bright and welcoming.

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